Monday, February 20, 2012

Roller Blinds to Measure

Whilst some people dive head first into buying new furniture, accessories and features for their newly decorated room, others will take time planning and deciding which colour scheme is right for them and what specifically will suit their home. The type of window treatment that is used can affect the entire appearance of a room and has the potential to transform what was once a dull and plain area into an interior designer’s dream.

The use of patterned roller blinds is becoming increasingly popular as they can help to brighten up an area within the house and work well with plain and neutral colour schemes. Whichever blind is chosen, it is important to remember that the extra cost involved when purchasing custom made blinds is definitely worth the investment. Made to measure roller blinds are both visually pleasing and energy efficient.

Whilst standard blinds may seem to fit any size window frame, they do not take into account the height or the length of the window. Because of this, blinds tend to become uneven and wrinkled at the bottom, resulting in a need to replace them. However, made to measure blinds will last much longer than general ones and will effectively block out any unwanted light and distractions getting through into the home.

Due to the correct measurements, this type of blind will not only look professional and sleek, but will also help to trap cold air that filters through the window pane and prevent the hot air inside the room from escaping outdoors, keeping homes warm and comfortable. During the summer months, the opposite will happen, keeping a house cool.

Made to measure roller blinds do tend to be more expensive than standard ones, although this is largely over exaggerated. Nowadays, a blind can be ready for collection within as little as 2 days. Couple that with the fact that measured blinds are available in huge range of colours and patterns and there is little reason not to invest.

To measure for a blind simply use a tape measure to calculate the width and length of a window. Once these are jotted down, most hard ware and furniture shops will provide you with the information you need. Made to measure roller blinds are unbeatable for their visual appeal and ability to transform a room into a sleek and professional home space.

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