Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Add a touch of Class you your Bathroom with a Digital Shower

Add a touch of Class to your Bathroom with a Digital Shower
Online shower superstars Gainsborough (made by Aqualisa, the luxury shower brand – but more affordable!) have just added two digital showers to their specialist showers website Gainsboroughshowers.co.uk. The showers are not only beautifully crafted as you would expect but your kids will love them too with their red flashing lights – and when they stop flashing, it means the shower is ready to go! These digital showers are really easy to operate with a simple push button control, clever digital technology and the precise temperature control means they’re safe too.

The Shower Nerve Centre – how does a Digital Shower work?
Unlike a conventional shower with a ‘mechanical’ valve, Digital Showers are controlled by a compact processor.  Smaller than a shoebox, this clever processor is the nerve centre of the shower and is installed away from the bathroom.  Typical places might be an airing cupboard, under the bath or in the loft. Positioned in a convenient location to hot and cold water supplies, the processor box thermostatically blends water to your pre-set temperature.  But best of all, because the processor is outside of your bathroom, it is likely that installation will be significantly easier and quicker with little disruption to your bathroom decoration. ;)   

Taking a Digital Shower
There are no bulky or awkward controls to get to grips with. Just a simple, push button start/stop.  Temperature is selected with an equally straightforward sliding ring.  And the most exciting part is that, thanks to the clever LED display, you’ll know exactly when to step into your shower. All you have to do is keep an eye on the LED display; when it’s flashing the water is still warming up.  When the display turns to steady, you’ll know it’s time to shower.  Nothing could be simpler or safer.  No tentative testing of your shower’s temperature with your hand or foot, no chilly surprises and no fluctuating between hot and cold, either. 

Is a Digital Shower suitable for my home?
The Gainsborough mixer Showers web pages give loads of useful information on Digital Showers so you can get a feel for what they offer, but generally speaking they are suitable for gravity-fed, combi and mains-fed plumbing systems.  For gravity-fed systems, it is recommended a pumped Digital Shower is chosen – this variant features a processor with an integral pump and has a ‘boost’ button on its control – essential for making the most of gravity-fed plumbing systems. 

What are my other choices?
If a digital mixer shower isn’t suitable for your home, you might want to look into electric showers which are possibly the most economical and also eco-friendly shower available in the UK as they heat only the water that is needed for your shower. They always come in different colours, different styles and different power ratings so you have plenty of choice, based on your specific requirements!

Happy Showering!!! :)

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