Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Buying Curtains Online

Before you look into buying curtains online, you first need to know how to measure for new curtains. You will need to measure the width and length of the window which you want the curtain to hang from. You also need to know how long you want your curtains to be. Will they be a bit longer than the window or do you want the curtains to reach the floor of the room for a more dramatic effect?  If the curtains are supposed to reach the floor, how far will they go? They can end just where the floor starts, or, as is becoming ever more popular in design, bunch up on the floor in a cascading effect.
The size of the valance or rod makes a vast difference in choosing the particular type of product you want, as with a larger valance you need a curtain with slots specially designed for valances of that size. If you have a rod you need to make sure that it will slide into your new curtains, and ensure that the curtains are of the right size for the rod. This can be worked out based on measurement of the curtain, rod size, and material of the curtain.

If you want curtains that wrap around the sides of the window, the width of the curtain has to be lengthened so you have plenty of material to reach across the whole window. To add to this, you also need to make sure the slot for the valance or rod is long enough to fit the drape that wraps around both sides.

After measuring, you must leave some extra room around the edges of the drapes for hems at the top, on either side, and at the bottom. Extra material is also required for a nice, clean hem on all sides of the curtain.  

The golden rule is, of course, to measure twice and cut once, and since you personally won’t be doing the cutting when you buy online, it might be best to measure thrice, as the online provider will do exactly what you ask them to, which could well be cutting a too short or too long curtain.
When buying curtains online make sure that you go to a site of a trusted or familiar brand. Make sure that the site has pictures of the products, that are up to date and that can be examined more carefully by enlarging the picture. Information on material, texture, and colour options should be readily available. The quality of colour and texture should be exactly what you see on the website, so always check the item when it arrives before unpacking it completely. Also make sure that the colour you choose is one you really like. You will only be disappointed if you buy a curtain in a colour you get bored with within the first ten minutes.
Before you get your heart too set on the perfect curtains, check the company’s terms and conditions. You need to know if they have a return policy, (which most ‘safe’ websites do) and what this policy includes. If you need to return the curtains, is the postage paid by the company or you? This is not a sign for a deal breaker, but simply something you need to know. The same goes for delivery. Some companies include the delivery cost in the price, while others state how much will be added for delivery in their terms and conditions. This, again, is no sign of foul play, it’s just important for you to know what the extra cost is. If you’re uncertain about a firm, but have found no clear signs to convince you either way, have a look at their customer reviews, and research them online to find other articles and statements about them. This should provide you with the information you need.
Buying curtains online is the same as buying any other home ware product online. The measurements need to be right, and you need to be aware of the terms and conditions. Other than that you need to enjoy your shopping.

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