Friday, February 3, 2012

Blinds In Your Home

Most people lean towards an airy, laid-back feel where natural light is accentuated when it comes to dressing a garden room or conservatory or preparing a living space for summer. If the room has an amazing view you already have a head start and may want to keep a very neutral effect to avoid detracting from this. It is all down to personal preference, but generally colour schemes that include restful natural shades, such as golds and yellows, fresh shades of greens and soft teals, can work well, especially teamed with natural textures such as sisal and rattan.

For the furnishings consider the same kinds of pieces you would favour for a patio. Wicker or bamboo help bring the airy outdoor feel inside, with throws and cushions for comfort. Traditional couches and chairs have a lighter feel if they’re off the ground. Of course, sun loungers are another good idea for larger spaces particularly for south-facing areas that become sun traps. Any wood should be light and natural, and glass surfaces, too, help to keep the sense of space and light. It is a good idea to keep furniture to a minimum to avoid cluttering the area, although lots of greenery is an excellent way of seamlessly linking the indoors with the outdoors; so don’t stint on plants and take advice on which will thrive in a conservatory.

Blinds are the key to making conservatories or garden rooms more attractive, adding colour and interest and serving a practical purpose as well. There are many different choices of blinds available in the market today but fabric vertical blinds can be a nice choice as they are the perfect finishing touch to any conservatory.

In the summer, vertical blinds can help reduce glare, keep the temperature down and keep out harmful UV rays. In winter, insulated blinds can help reduce energy bills by keeping a conservatory warm, most heat transfer comes through the roof panels so it is important to capture this transfer in the roof area of a conservatory or heating and cooling bills could become expensive. The vast range of blind solutions on offer mean that you can find just the right blinds to suit Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian-style conservatories. These vary from pleated fabrics, with solar protective coated backing, and French pinoleum (woven wood) to Plantation-style wooden shutters.

Security is another reason for installing blinds as they can incorporate remote control mechanisms and be operated via timers.

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