Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Deciding on Door Handles

Whilst some people will concentrate on furniture and accessories to decorate a home, others will pay particular attention to the smaller details. Subtle changes around the home can have a significant impact on the overall design. For instance, matching and co-ordinated fittings, such as light switches, plug sockets and door handles, will all contribute to the overall look and feel of a room within the home.

These fittings are commonly thought of as dull, boring and practical features that have no place in interior design. However, there is such a huge variety of styles, materials and colours out there that any look can be obtained.

As they are used frequently by anyone passing through the home, it is important to consider how often they will need cleaning when deciding on a material. For instance, chrome door handles are great for homes and apartments that are opting for a modern looking interior however they can become damaged and scratched through excessive cleaning and wiping. Leather handles, on the other hand, offer an enduring quality whilst the odd wear and tear will actually benefit its appearance and add to its character.

Door handles that will appear on the outside of a house needs to be made from a material that will survive weathering and frequent use. Stainless steel is the best option in this circumstance. Whilst others may look more appealing, they will fail to stand the test of time and the need to replace them after only a short amount of time will, more than likely, be an issue.

To give a home a more classic feel, porcelain door handles can be implemented into every room. Porcelain will look classy and will offer a timeless element to the design of the interior. Matching these to other fittings that are implemented into the home is vital for the quality of its appearance. As mentioned before, plug socket coverings and light switches can all be bought in a variety of materials and designs that, if carefully selected, will complement the handles and add to the personality of a room.

Although the majority of home owners and decorators will ignore the need for quality and matching fittings, the finishing touch is what can really transform a room into the spectacle it should be.

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