Friday, December 9, 2011

Spring Colours in Your Home

Now that springtime is in the air, people are ready to brighten their indoor rooms by exchanging their cosy cabin with the fire-in-the-hearth look for flowers, gardens, birds and bright spring colours. The world is alive and home owners do some spring cleaning and open windows to the air. Then, a few home improvements can help to invite the spring season inside with simple tasks that owners can do for themselves, using the spring colour palette to bring the outdoors inside their interior spaces.

Simple Do-It-Yourself Changes

Bringing the feel of spring into the home can mean just making a few simple changes. Most decorating projects can easily be executed by the owners themselves or they can hire someone to come in to do the work. Still, either doing the work or hiring it done does not have to involve thousands of dollars.

Some of the changes could be a coat of paint to trimmings or walls, new photographs and paintings hung and adding new pillows and slip covers to the sofa and plush chairs in the living room. A wall painting job could be just one contrasting wall that gives the room a fresh look. New mantle decorations or window treatments can speak a new theme of springtime.

Colours that Look like Spring

People can put pictures into their minds of their favourite outdoor places to visit in the spring like the beach, the garden and the park. The colours found in those places during the season of spring and early summer can inspire the indoor colour palette with hues like light blues and bright yellows, greens and pinks.

Spring is the celebration of new life and many bright colours are a part of the celebrating. Still, people should keep in mind that indoor rooms should avoid looking cluttered and busy with too much variety. Simple and lovely accents and one or two bouquets or spring paintings strategically placed will give the natural look of spring as well as expressing a casual invitation into the fresh earthy pleasures of the season.

Bringing the Outdoors Indoors

Decorating the home and bringing in a few improvements can make the indoors look like spring. Outside the activity of the birds and the explosions of flower colour sing songs of new life, and the interiors of people's homes can reflect at least the essence of the best of the spring season as well.

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