Thursday, December 22, 2011

Blinds Or Curtains?

Blinds or Curtains is the age old question, when choosing window treatments. Yet, you don’t have to choose either for your whole home. You can have a mixture of both. Each window treatment has its pros and cons, and each has a room it is most suited for. I’d like to introduce you to some of these options. Curtains can create a soft and warm atmosphere, so they are great for your living room. You can get some dramatic styles and a fantastic array of colours, meaning there will be something available for everyone. Another pro for curtains is that in the winter, they provide good insulation. However, they take up a lot more space than blinds, and aren’t suitable for bathrooms or kitchens. Due to the moisture in these rooms, the risk of mould or staining is very high.

Blinds are a bit more complicated, as there is an endless source of styles and each has its own purpose. Wooden Venetian blinds are great for the kitchen. They possess an interesting combination of elegance and practicality. They look good, and can withstand the heat and action of a kitchen, and like other venetian blinds they give you the most control over how much or how little light you’d like to let in. Moving on to another room of the house, you often find roller blinds in children’s and teens’ bedrooms, as they are easier to use, reasonably tough and come in some bold and fun colours. Another important pro of roller blinds is that you can add blackout fabric to them, thereby ensuring that no external light from street lamps or passing cars can disturb your sleep.

In the dining room, roman blinds are very popular, as they are seen to be very luxurious and people like to show them off to their dinner guests. Similar to roller blinds, roman blinds are good at keeping light out and both styles of blinds take up the least amount of space. However, they are difficult to clean.

This guide is designed to show you that there’s a great amount of window treatment choice out there. You don’t have to commit to just curtains or just blinds. The choice is so vast that you may feel a little overwhelmed, so here you have at least a bit of a guideline.

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