Friday, November 4, 2011

Bold Is the Word for This Fall's Interior Decorating Colours

Interior decorating trends for fall and winter 2011-2012 feature bright colours that pop against natural materials such as wood, metal or stone. There are a number of different palettes interior decorators as well as do-it-yourselves can use. They all have one thing in common: they’re not bland or boring. Whether these colours are timeless shades used on a wall or part of a geometric pattern employed in accent pieces, they certainly aren’t the neutral beiges and off-whites preferred in previous years. This year, the colours jump right out and grab your attention.

Purple continues to be one of the more popular colours preferred by interior designers. This colour evokes so many different moods depending on the shade or tint used. Rooms swathed in purple walls and furniture pieces can be relaxing, while a bright purple accent piece shouts, “Look at me!” The colour stands out on the runways of high fashion; why shouldn’t it be featured in a home too?

Autumn colours that mimic the turning leaves and comforting foods of the season, such as bronze, gold and cocoa, continue to be popular. Vivid hues, including maroon, black and olive green, shout for attention. Northern African inspired shades feature the blues and stuccoes of Mediterranean climates.

While more tranquil, colours that bring to mind South Pacific lagoons, such as aquamarine or bright blue, offer a relaxing yet fresh appeal to a room. Even the timeless and classic whites, blacks and greys can brighten a room when they aren’t muted but rather highlighted with a bright gloss. Any room featuring these colours will make a statement.

And don’t forget patterns this year. Designers are going back to the 1950s for inspiration in wallpaper and fabrics. Geometric patterns are coming to the forefront too. However, this fall, the patterns, while bold, are still muted enough that they don’t completely overwhelm the senses. Muted colours do have their place in design, but they aren’t its focal point this fall.

While bold and vivid colours are the main component of this fall’s interior design, texture also plays an important role. Unusual textures such as cork are becoming more popular. The juxtaposition of very different textures is also a popular trend. For example, silk screen material may be paired with rough, unfinished concrete blocks. The contemporary look fits in well with this season’s bold and bright focus.

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