Monday, September 12, 2011

Top Autumn Home Interior Colours

Autumn is upon us, and with the new season comes new colour trends for interior design. Perhaps the hottest colour, forecast for the coming season, is burnt orange. The warm, yet bright tones give comfort in the cold weather and bring light to the dark evenings. However, if orange isn't your thing, there are other colours this season, which may catch your eye. Shades of teal, plum and pear green are the other trendy tones for your home; but not all together in one room, of course.

Complimenting the burnt orange this year will be other autumnal shades, such as yellows and reds. You should note that using burnt orange on all four walls of a room is not a great idea; the colour can be too overbearing and may end up looking a little garish. Instead, use this stylish colour as the accent of a room, in fabrics and furnishings, rugs, decor items or feature walls. Burnt orange goes well with a number of earth tones, such as creams and browns, which will not be at risk of clashing with the accenting colour.

If you like shades of teal, think of luxury as you decorate. White furnishings go beautifully with this blue/green colour, and it looks fabulous in embellished fabrics, for both curtains and pillows. If you have a table in your room, why not give your room an extra splash of colour by adding a tablecloth. As this is a bright colour, it is important not to overuse it in one room.

If plum is your pick, then you want to pair it with some lighter shades of purple and light greys to balance the room. Plums and purples can be used relatively generously in some rooms, such as the bedroom, but it may be a little overpowering in a living room or kitchen, so use it sparingly in these areas.

Lastly, if pear green attracts you, you're in luck, because shades of green are a popular trend all year round. Pear green can go with many colours, but it does well as an accent colour against other more subtle tones, such as greys, creams and white. Use pear green in cushions, curtains and bedding this autumn, and you're sure to be on trend.

Charcoal greys are also in for autumn, and these shades are great for toning down bright colours. However, it is worth noting that the best colour to pair with charcoal is white.

If you like to change-up your interior design for each season, then the most affordable and easiest option is to combine subtle earth tones, on walls and fabrics, with colourful accents such as throw pillows and lampshades, which can be easily swapped out with other accent pieces for next season's colour trend.

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