Thursday, September 1, 2011

Choosing the Right Curtain Pole for Your Home

When hanging new curtains, details must be tended such as window measurements and choosing curtain poles. After curtains have been selected and fit to the window size, poles also must be purchased and installed. The poles are highly important for the proper hanging of the curtain and curtain style and weight has much to do with the selection of the poles that will bear them. Certainly when selecting proper curtain poles, several essentials of the process must be considered: the room decor, the curtains to be hung, window measurements, and quality.

Furnishing Design

The room decor must be studied when selecting the curtains and curtain poles for window coverings. The poles as well as the curtains should complement the style of the interior space. In example, if the room is furnished with French Provincial decor, the curtains will pick up the style of the furniture and the accented colours of the room or neutral, blending hues. The curtain poles chosen for Provincial decor can be wood of the same variety as the furniture with a distressed, Old World charm, or metal poles of antiqued, brushed or burnished bronze.

Types of Poles

A wide range of designer curtain poles are available to help achieve any look desired and to also hold any type of curtain. The types available are poles made from materials such as metal, wood, and bamboo. The common metals used for poles are such as stainless steel, wrought iron, aluminium, and brass. Sometime, ornate and customized poles are used that are intricately carved or uniquely shaped. Additionally, poles are available that fit to the curve of a bay window or other unusual window frame shape.

Measurements & Pole Installation

In order to choose and install workable window poles, details must be collected regarding the measurement of the window frame and the weight of the curtains to be hung. Ensuring that the poles are strong enough for the curtains will determine the success of the curtain hanging. Most window pole packaging and wrappings include size and weight-bearing data as well as installation instructions that can be useful for learning the procedure.

Another point to remember is that brackets holding the window poles should be attached to a secure spot. Naturally, fastening them to a dry wall surface or to a flimsy window frame could mean disaster as heavy curtains are hung. When it comes to window dressing, window poles are important elements.

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