Friday, August 26, 2011

Top Tips For Autumn in Your Home

Adding seasonal elements to interiors makes homes feel more in touch with nature, offering an organic connection to the outdoors. While colours play an important roles in decorating for the season, other elements come into play as well. The most effective autumn d├ęcor will capture the mood of the season. Here are some useful tips for bringing the feeling of autumn into your home.

 Set the Mood

While spring is a time for renewed energy, autumn is associated with rest, relaxation and reflection. Furnishings that provide a sense of self-indulgence, pampering and luxury can establish an autumn mood. Choose rich textures in fabrics – velour, velvet, velveteen, silk – and materials with depth, sheen, and textured finishes – metals like gold, brass and copper are especially effective in fall.

Colour It Rich

Decorators and designers often recommend bright colours for fall, such as yellow, orange and red. While these bright tones do occur naturally in autumn, remember that outside, the effect of those bright colours are muted by the natural elements around them. In a home, clear bright shocks of colour can be overwhelming for many decorative styles. Instead, choose deep, rich, saturated shades.