Monday, August 15, 2011

Brighten Your Home with Modern Home Decor

You can transform an out-of-date, cluttered home into a bright, modern living space with contemporary furniture, flooring and lighting. Modern decor is bold and sleek, without fussy accents or overstuffed furniture. This emphasis on clean lines and open space makes an overly decorated, disorganised room elegant and efficient.

1. Experiment with new colours in your furniture. The colours and textures of modern furniture can be rich, earthy tones or bright primary colours, but they always push the boundaries of traditional interior decor.

2. Brighten your living room with chrome accents. The gleam of chrome on lamps, chairs or tables sets the tone for a sleek, contemporary interior.

3. Replace an outdated bed with a streamlined platform model. A platform bed with bright bedding in a bright geometric pattern lends a modern edge to an old-fashioned bedroom.

4. Shop for sophisticated chairs and tables. Modern chairs and tables have clean, angular, understated lines or smooth, minimalist curves. Replace overstuffed chairs and ornate, formal tables with the latest streamlined designs.

5. Use striking wall hangings as focal points in your living room. Collect one or two stunning examples of modern art to centre the decor of your living room. You can create your own affordable wall hanging by stretching fabric in a bold, eye-catching pattern across a canvas frame.

6. Choose unique modern flooring for your bathroom and kitchen. Vinyl and linoleum are being replaced by bamboo, cork and natural stone in modern bathrooms and kitchens. Add an exotic Asian note to a bathroom with woven bamboo floor covering.

7. Use unconventional colours in your kitchen. Warm colours like red and yellow or cooler shades of green or blue make a strong statement in your cooking space. Combine bright colours with black or white countertops, cabinets and flooring.

8. Illuminate rooms with stunning modern lamps. Modern lighting fixtures are works of art, with colourful translucent shades, creative shapes and wood, glass or chrome accents.

9. Enlarge small rooms with dramatic modern mirrors. A large mirror with a striking frame adds depth and dimension to a small space. A mirror can serve as a living room’s focal point or enlarge a narrow foyer.

10. Draw attention to your windows with modern drapes or blinds. Roman blinds, woven wood blinds or drapes with clean, pleated lines bring the elements in your decor together. Rolling solar shades in striking modern patterns filter light while providing a dramatic backdrop for a room

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