Friday, January 20, 2012

Here are 9 steps in how to fit your curtain pole, with in depth analysis.

Pull the measuring tape out and measure the window. When measuring the window, put the tape in the middle of the window and then measure from the outside of the window frame to the outside of the other side of the frame. Write this number down on a piece of paper.

2. Add extra length to the window measurement to draw the curtains to the side. For example, add an extra six inches on each side. Always add the same amount on both sides to keep the curtain pole balanced. In general, a minimum of six inches is necessary to provide enough space on the side to clear the curtain from the window when it is pulled to the side.

3. Add the measurements together. For example, if you allow six inches on each side and the window measurement including the frame was 30 inches, the pole size you require is 42 inches long.

Pick out a curtain pole from the store and bring it home. As long as the pole is the appropriate measurement or adjusts to the appropriate measurement, it is appropriate for the curtain.

Prepare the curtain rod and bracket so all the pieces are together. Pick up the pole and then hold it up against the wall so it is above the window. Determine the height you prefer for the curtain pole placement.

6. Use a carpenter's level to determine if the curtain pole is straight. This will require the help of a friend or family member so one person can hold the pole while the other levels it. The person who levels the pole should use a pencil to mark bracket locations as needed for the pole. Most poles use two brackets. Put the pole down after marking it.

7. Drill small pilot holes in the wall at the marked locations for the brackets. Use a drill attachment that is smaller than the screws provided with the curtain.

8. Screw in the brackets into the wall at the pilot holes. Make sure all the screws are tight so the curtain pole does not fall.

Attach the pole to the bracket according to the pole instructions carefully. Usually, the pole slides onto the bracket, though every brand and pole is slightly different. The instructions provided with the pole should determine how the pole fits the bracket.

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