Friday, June 24, 2011

Top Tips To Improve Your Home Interior

Even seasoned design experts can benefit from design advice every now and then. Whether you plan to work with a designer or tackle your decorating challenges yourself, basic design tips can help to fuel the process and offer inspiration during the process. Basic design tips that focus on balance, simplicity, impact, function, details and color can significantly improve the interior of your home.

Balance refers to the sense of proportion in a room. Symmetry in design is a reflection of balance. For instance, two identical sconces flanking either side of a fireplace gives a room balance. Balance also refers to the judicious use of pattern and color, casual and formal elements and masculine and feminine.

Keep it simple in the design of your home. Pare down your possessions to include the items you truly love. It can be very freeing, for example to remove curtains from a window to allow more light in. Remove extraneous items such as area rugs, to allow a visual focus on beautiful furniture or place floating shelves in a space for simple storage and display.

Impact is another area of design that is often overlooked. While you may have a beautiful space with many lovely pieces, does one piece in particular stand out? If not, you are missing visual impact in your design. Creating visual impact can be as simple as painting one wall in a room a bold color, or hanging a huge painting over the fireplace.

Function refers to the "usability" of your space. Do all the pieces serve a function? Think about adding durable upholstery fabric, smart storage solutions and surfaces such as scratch-resistant stone. Utilize nooks and crannies to create reading, office or storage space to improve the functionality of your home.

Pay attention to detail in your design. This may include delicate tassels hanging from a curtain panel or nail head trim on a camelback sofa. Recover old pillows with elegant silk or add a luscious piece of fringe as trim to a bedspread or comforter. These small touches personalize your home with elegance and detail.

Another tip for designing your home is to use injections of color. When choosing a color palette, consider not only the look you want to achieve, but the colors that please you. Think about the color of the clothes you like to wear and go from there. A favorite painting may also be a way to launch your color scheme.

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